Roger & Pamela Foulks
Co-Owners, Achievements UnLimited Marketing

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Phone: (941) 320-0818
Email: RogerFoulks@gmail.com
Address: 1241 Center Place, Sarasota, FL 34236

Our Story:
Roger Foulks completed his B.S. in Education at Purdue University and his M.B.A. at the University of Illinois, followed by 20+ years in sales and marketing for fortune 50 firms, including management of a 25 million annual advertising budget. Roger is very passionate about the "digital modernization" brings to the marketing world for small to medium sized business owners.

Roger and Pamela always discuss everything, and Pamela serves as a wonderful "reality check" on Roger's thoughts and ideas!


Roger and Pamela Foulks, Co-Owners of Achievements UnLimited Marketing, launched their company 26 years ago with a mission to bring the most modern, cost-effective marketing methods to the small to medium enterprises who they mentor and coach.

Key Services: Strategic Planning, Advertising Concept Creation and Completion, Social Networking, Media Planning, Campaign Measurement

Achievements UnLimited Marketing through participation in RNetwork, also assists small to medium sized business in:
1) Building their sales through "inter-relationship merchant marketing" and
2) Lowering their expenses on monthly/annual hard dollar costs.

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